BSCFM Programs


Barenboim-Said Center For Music

Instrumental studies:

  • Individual Instrumental instruction, 2 lessons per week

  • Music theory, 1 lesson per week

  • Children's orchestra 

  • Choral training 

  • Young Talents concert series

  • 8 year curriculum 

  • Chamber music and wind ensemble

  • Orchestra workshops

  • Pre-university course for students interested in continuing to study at a university

Beginners music groups:

The beginners music groups are for students at the age of 4-6 years old. This is a one year program that can be extended to two years.

The group meets once a week with a music teacher.

During the course the beginner students learn:

  • Singing

  • Basic notation

  • Rhythms

  • Knowledge about different instrument

Choir programs:

BSCFM offers a choir program for beginners and advanced students.

The lessons are once a week with our choir teacher. 

The choir performs in the concerts of the BSCFM.


Ramallah Schools and Kindergarten music program

The Barenboim-Said Center For Music collaborates with Catholic and Evangelical Schools in Ramallah.

We offer in these schools for all students:

  • Music appreciation classes ( basic knowledge of singing, music theory, music history and instrument playing) 

  • School choirs 

  • Performances in schools events

BSCFM has also a music program in the Catholic school Kindergartens.


Filasteen Young Musicians Orchestra


أوركسترا فلسطين للموسيقيين الشباب (FYMO) هي أوركسترا جديدة مقرها في رام الله، تتألف من موسيقيين فلسطينيين موهوبين ودؤوبين على تطوير تعليمهم الموسيقي. منذ تأسيسها عام ٥١٠٢، تفتح الأوركسترا أبوابها لأي موسيقي شاب ملتزم بتعزيز المشهد الموسيقي الكلاسيكي في فلسطين. تق ِّدم الأوركسترا عروضها بانتظام في جميع أنحاء المنطقة، كما قدمت عرو ًضا في العديد من الحفلات العالمية، بما في ذلك ظهورها حديثا لأول مرة في Musikverein Wien في فيينا، النمسا. قائد فرقة أوركسترا فلسطين للموسيقيين الشباب لهذا الفصل هو الموسيقي الفرنسي Rémy Ballot، وبالامكان متابعة الأوركسترا في المستقبل القريب اثناء عروضها في الحفلات والمهرجانات الكبرى مثل Wiener Konzerthaus و Pierre Boulez Saal و Betlehem

Arab Culture Capital و Brucknertage في سانت فلوريان.

The Filasteen Young Musicians Orchestra (FYMO) is a new orchestra based in Ramallah consisting of talented, young Palestinian musicians seeking to advance their musical education. Established in 2015, FYMO is open to any young Palestinian musician committed to enhancing the classical music scene in Palestine. FYMO regularly performs throughout the region and has also performed at several international concert venues, including their recent debut at the prestigious Musikverein Wien in Vienna, Austria. The Filasteen Young Musicians Orchestra's chief conductor for this season is French conductor Rémy Ballot, and the orchestra can be seen in the near future performing at major concert venues and festivals such as Wiener Konzerthaus, Pierre Boulez Saal, Betlehem Arab Culture Capital, and Brucknertage in St Florian.


Online program during Covid-19 pandemic

The Barenboim-Said Center For Music has been offering a full online music program immediately after the Codiv-19 lockdown was announced in Palestine.

Since Monday 9th of March BSCFM online program offer includes 

  • Individual lessons,

  • Music theory

  • Beginners music education 

  • Young Talents concerts 

  • Lectures and other music related online activities

Online concerts and lectures are published on Barenboim-Said for Music Facebook site

BSCFM upcoming online concerts and lectures: 

14th of May BSFM graduate student Ayoub Rabah (17) :Analyses about Elgar Cello Concerto, 1st movement 

21st of May Professor and Doctor Klause Laczika : Online lecture about Music and Medicine

28th of May Online Young Talents Concert

4th of June Conductor Remy Ballot : basics of orchestral conducting for BSFM students

11th of June Best bits of online final exams and word of the director Liina Leijala

18th of June Young Musicians orchestra discussion and online playing together, discussion including Mrs. Mariam Said


Classical Music concert series

The Barenboim-Said Center For Music aims to provide Palestinian audiences access to high-quality

classical music. To that end, the Music Center organizes a yearly series of concerts whereby world- renowned musicians are invited to perform in Palestine. Helene Grimaud, Frans Helmerson, András

Schiff, Javier Perianes, and Saleem Abboud Ashkar, to name a few, were among the many that performed in our concert series and conducted master classes for our students at the Foundation. The BSCFM has its own concert series for students called "Young Talents". "Young Talents" concert series takes place monthly at the Palestinian Medical Relief Hall.



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