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Admissions at Barenboim-Said for Music


Admissions Process

The Barenboim-Said Center for Music accepts new students every beginning of a school year (September).

Please see below the admission requirements for instrument studies, beginners music groups and choir programs.

Please notice that students who can not be offered immediately a studying place, will be placed in a waiting list and can be contacted later when a place becomes free.

Audition and musicality test for instrument studies

The audition to instrument studies at the BSCFM consists of the following elements:

  • singing

  • rhythmical test

  • playing an instrument (if the student already plays an instrument)

  • interview about motivation with student and parents 

Admissions to beginners music groups and choir programs

There is no musicality test required in these programs. We will interview the student and parents about the motivation to commit to the music program.


Student fees

The Barenboim-Said Center for Music yearly (per school year) instrument student fees are the following:

Tuition 2500 NIS

Instrument rental 300 NIS

Siblings discount:

2nd child from same family gets a discount of 300NIS from yearly tuition 

3rd child from the same family gets a discount of 600NIS from yearly tuition 

Choirs program

Free of charge

Beginners music groups

Free of charge


Scholarships to support music studies

The Barenboim-Said Center For Music offers studying scholarships as well as lends valuable instruments to highly talented students who are in need of support.

Please ask more from our office for the application process for scholarships.

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